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Extremely Abrasive Beats

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Toronto’s Bunker 8 is the happy home of one twisted company of obsessive, sunlight-deprived tweakers slamming their Extremely Abrasive Beats. Attacking from the north, they’ve infiltrated the Sony® Sound Series™ collection with locked-and-loaded copies of their ‘Extremely Abrasive Beats’ library, a sonic weapon of beat loops and hits so caustic, we had to change their names to prevent a lawsuit. Fortunately for you, they left the sounds untouched, but be very careful.

‘Extremely Abrasive Beats’ is an unrelentingly harsh collection of fried beats and severe accents made for launching multiple rhythmic sorties on every industrial, postrock, crunchy Downtempo, abstract Hip-Hop, and sheer noise frontier on the map.

Pain-inducing, speaker-shredding, and highly toxic, the ‘Extremely Abrasive Beats’ library transforms the ACID® software device into a piece of sonic ordnance that will effortlessly incapacitate the enemy and render it harmless. Use it without mercy.


• 484 ACIDized WAV Files
• 422 MB of Content
• Ambient Distress
• Dry Tones
• Fully Abrasive
• Semi Abrasive
• Single Hits


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