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Komplete 10 Ultimate: Go Big or Go Home

Komplete 10 Ultimate, is something amazing altogether. Go big or go home.

It is easy to get jaded by all the incredibly amazing tools that are available to musicians now.  Komplete 10 Ultimate: Go big or go home. Today there is more power in a iphone that I had in my entire 100,000+ plus digital studio when I first started. I remember buying a K2000, and spending close […]

Komplete Kontrol S88: Komplete Review

Komplete Kontrol S88: Komplete Review

Time to do the Komplete Kontrol S88: Komplete Review. I was very excited to receive my S88 today – I was holding off on the S-series in the hopes that NI would put out an 88-key variant, and they did! All of the unique Komplete Kontrol features are amazing – although I thought the LightGuide […]

Korg Gadget App Review

Korg Gadget App Review

Korg have went and done something remarkable, the Korg Gadget App for iOS. This is the Korg Gadget App Review. Well, it is truly a remarkable piece of software. For the first time, I can say that it is indeed possible to create something as a meaningful starting point for finished tracks on a iPad.There […]

Maschine Studio: Using it in the Studio

Maschine Studio: Using it in the Studio. This is long overdue, but Bunker 8 is looking back at one of their most prized pieces of kit, Native Instruments Maschine Studio. We are in the process of working through an deeper vendor relationship with Native Instruments. For those who are unaware, we were one of the first […]

Behringer X32: The Bunker 8 Review

Behringer X32: The Bunker 8 Review. Well, it has come to this, after YEARS of loyal Mackie service, our beloved 32-8 and 24 e side car are going out to pasture, making way for a fully digital front end to the mixing experience. Sigmund, for years you have been calling yourself Bunker 8 Digital Labs, what […]

Akai LPK25 Review

Need a tiny MIDI keyboard controller for working on music projects on the go? Read the Akai LPK25 Review and decide for yourself. The Akai LPK25 ($129 list) features miniature keys, instead of regular, full-size synthesizer keys, but it’s very playable. And given the unit’s tiny size—perfect for a backpack or overnight or laptop bag—and […]

Amazon Echo Review

It is amazing how far Amazon are pursuing their voice recognition technology. Here is a first hand Amazon Echo Review. The video is incredibly cheesy, but really hints at the potential of such a device with connectivity to the cloud. WHAT IS AMAZON ECHO? Amazon Echo is designed around your voice. It’s always on—just ask for information, […]