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Free DIY Shock Mounts for the Blue Yeti Microphone

We recently have started to complete a very significant do it yourself series here at the studio. We recently purchased during Black Friday, a Blue Yeti Microphone. It sounds absolutely amazing and it fits perfectly with our setup. However, like all sensitive, pro quality mic’s, it needs a shock mount. We did this video on […]

A 909 Drum Machine in Your Browser the HTML 909

The march of browser based instruments continues unabated. Now we have another Roland Music classic, the 909. Finally, a 909 drum machine in your browser, the HTML 909. Browser based plugins herald another level of change in the music technology arena. No Longer are you bound to the costs of a digital audio workstation or […]

Omnisphere 2 The Last Plugin You Will Ever Need?

Is Omnisphere 2 The Last Plugin You Will Ever Need? If you only had one plugin to take to a desert island of programming, this might be the one that does everything Eric Pershing is a living legend in the world of sound design. He was one of the original engineers behind the sound design […]

Komplete 10 Ultimate: Go Big or Go Home

Komplete 10 Ultimate, is something amazing altogether. Go big or go home.

It is easy to get jaded by all the incredibly amazing tools that are available to musicians now.  Komplete 10 Ultimate: Go big or go home. Today there is more power in a iphone that I had in my entire 100,000+ plus digital studio when I first started. I remember buying a K2000, and spending close […]

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