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Free DIY Shock Mounts for the Blue Yeti Microphone

We recently have started to complete a very significant do it yourself series here at the studio. We recently purchased during Black Friday, a Blue Yeti Microphone. It sounds absolutely amazing and it fits perfectly with our setup. However, like all sensitive, pro quality mic’s, it needs a shock mount. We did this video on […]

Inferno Movie Review: Everything Goes Down in Flames

I don’t usually write film reviews. Being in the business of writing music for film and television, I tend to stay out of it. Not really a conflict of interest situation by my perception, more of a personal choice. But after watching Inferno on the weekend, I quickly recognised how fast a major blockbuster film […]

Apple iPad is Not Really a Complete Production Tool

I am probably going to lose that “dream” endorsement by stating this, but the Apple iPad is Not Really a Complete Production Tool. So much for that Apple endorsement deal… As many who read my articles know, I am a serious iOS convert. I adore my iPhone, I am in love with my iPad. There is no […]

Music is not just about listening, it is about discovery

Music is not just about listening, it is about discovery. There is something inescapably important about discovery in art. Beyond the intellectual commitment to understand it lies the journey to find it, to discover it, to give it true meaning which is the meaning you derive for yourself. Years ago I attended the Amsterdam Dance Event, […]

Maschine Studio: Using it in the Studio

Maschine Studio: Using it in the Studio. This is long overdue, but Bunker 8 is looking back at one of their most prized pieces of kit, Native Instruments Maschine Studio. We are in the process of working through an deeper vendor relationship with Native Instruments. For those who are unaware, we were one of the first […]

Behringer X32: The Bunker 8 Review

Behringer X32: The Bunker 8 Review. Well, it has come to this, after YEARS of loyal Mackie service, our beloved 32-8 and 24 e side car are going out to pasture, making way for a fully digital front end to the mixing experience. Sigmund, for years you have been calling yourself Bunker 8 Digital Labs, what […]

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