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Akai LPK25 Review

Need a tiny MIDI keyboard controller for working on music projects on the go? Read the Akai LPK25 Review and decide for yourself. The Akai LPK25 ($129 list) features miniature keys, instead of regular, full-size synthesizer keys, but it’s very playable. And given the unit’s tiny size—perfect for a backpack or overnight or laptop bag—and […]

Skyfall Theme Song: A modern masterpiece of melodic composition

image:skyfall movie

There is a point when a piece of music transcends all expectations, strikes at your very essence. This for me is the Skyfall Theme Song: A modern masterpiece of melodic composition. Yes, you could argue I am three years late to the party. But, no my friends, I have loved this genius orchestral haiku since it […]

Why Do You Never Get Paid When You Work Off Points on a Film

image:David Prouse Darth Vader from Star Wars

So everyone states, you are working on a film and you must be making millions, tens of thousands, thousands, or at least cab fare from working on a film right? Well, not the way that accounting systems typically work when it comes to getting paid on film. So, why do you never get paid when […]

My Music is Not in the Film at All


Composers, ourselves included find ourselves wondering “my music is not in the film at all.” We wonder what has happend to it, how it could happen and if it is “fair”. Fair has little or nothing to do with it. The feeling of directors and composers is that the film is “theirs”, the music is […]

Maschine 2.2 Update Review


Maschine 2.2 Update Review: Scales, Chords, Touch Knobs, and More Maschine has announced a brand new update to their software that adds to Maschine. The update, which came out in Service Center today, improves the functionality of the software through changes to scales and chords, the arpeggiator, and key board integration. Read more below about the […]

How to Write a Dubstep Track


Learning how to write a dubstep track is just like learning anything else in music production. You need three things, patience, perseverence, and persistent editing skills. But of course, if all you needed were three things like that, then any old idiot could bash away and come up with something interesting. And then, there is […]

Rise of the Bedroom Producer 2011 Documentary

Rise of the Bedroom Producer 2011 Documentary is a terrific look at how technology has made dance music more accessible and transformational to the masses. I think a lot of kids don’t realize how much work goes into writing and producing a commercial track – it’s not just a matter of throwing together some loops […]

DFX Buffer Override Product Review

DFX Buffer Override Product Review. Glitchy, blippy, close to the edit, ruffed up sounds are something that at Bunker 8 we just love, DFX Buffer Override does it in spades. It is one of the best features about working with digital technology in music, you can really do strange and wonderful things to audio with […]

South Park Rips Music Production

Stans Father on Music

If you watch nothing else today, then watching how South Park rips music prodution definitely has to be it. South Park continues to be brilliant, as always. Stan’s father explains to his son “how he comes up with his best stuff in the toilet at work…”, then proceeds to show Stan a screen which looks […]

Maschine 2.2 Upgrade Keyboard Integration

The machine 2.2 upgrade keyboard integration is going to be a huge add-on if you decide to add the native instruments keyboard. KEYBOARD INTEGRATION MASCHINE 2.2 gives you full keyboard functionality within the MASCHINE environment. Press browse on your KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboard and the KOMPLETE Browser pops up on your computer screen, letting you select […]