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How Much Should You Charge As A Composer

This is a great video on one of the most commonly asked questions, how much should you charge as a composer? In this video, I discuss my personal approach to pricing myself with prospective clients for composing. The views in this clip are 100% my own, so please do not take this advice as gospel…find […]

How to bring a track into balance using multiband processing

How to bring a track into balance using multiband processing Learn how to employ one of the most powerful tools in the music producer’s arsenal Multiband compression makes for a much more detailed alternative to regular ‘broadband’ compression, but when exactly should you use it? As with all matters relating to production, the answer lies […]

Output mangle the orchestra with Analog Strings


Output mangle the orchestra with Analog Strings Output, the makers of unusual virtual instruments Signal, Exhale and Rev have today announced a powerful string machine in Analog Strings. The emphasis is on crafting and performing strings sounds that are unique, and retain a modern sound. Tones are created by blending two deeply sampled orchestras, vintage synths, and […]

AltiSpace update One of the Best Reverb Plugins for iOS

altispace reverb app

AltiSpace update – new presets and other tweaks added to iOS convolution reverb The App Store is blessed with a few pretty good reverb apps and many are capable of producing results that are far superior to what their respective the price tags suggest ought to be possible. One of these is most certainly Igor Vasiliev amazing convolution-based […]

Steinberg Releases Cubase 9

Steinberg releases Cubase 9 today. Steinberg has always been the world leading DAW on all platforms, and this releases cements their dominance in the DAW space. Steinberg has today announced Cubase 9, a substantial update to their DAW. The three new versions of Cubase — Cubase Pro, Cubase Artist and Cubase Elements — all feature […]

Korg iWavestation for iOS Released

Just in time for Christmas or for any other occasion calling for serious music production, Korg releases the iWavestation. No Need to say anything further, head over and grab it if you have an iOS device. Tweet

A 909 Drum Machine in Your Browser the HTML 909

The march of browser based instruments continues unabated. Now we have another Roland Music classic, the 909. Finally, a 909 drum machine in your browser, the HTML 909. Browser based plugins herald another level of change in the music technology arena. No Longer are you bound to the costs of a digital audio workstation or […]

A Juno 106 In Your Browser!

Who knew that the world of plugins would go to the browser, but this is something that is increasingly becoming commonplace. Here is a cool thing to have, a Juno 106 in your browser! Browser based plugins are springing out of the woodwork. But this one holds a special place in my heart. The Juno […]

Neutron is a fantastic piece of voodoo mixing technology

Automated mixing and track assistant technology, sounds like witchcraft. But it is what Izotope’s Neutron promises. Izotope’s Neutron is a fantastic piece of voodoo mixing technology. The availability of plugins in the current context of music production is absolutely mind-blowing. The plugin standard for virtual studio technology was created as an open standard with Steinberg Music Technology. We at Bunker 8 have been using plugins since our inception as a company, hence the moniker “Digital Labs”. We love mixing in the box. Izotope’s Ozone is already a mainstay in our mastering suite. So it was with great anticipation that we approached the […]

The History Of Audio Sampling Through Bunker 8

We have had our moniker, Bunker 8 Digital Labs for as long as the audio sampler has been in existence, so we thought it fitting that we give the history of audio sampling through Bunker 8. Our sampling journey started with my very first setup in my Parent’s basement. Through careful money management, I managed […]