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DFX Buffer Override Product Review

DFX Buffer Override Product Review. Glitchy, blippy, close to the edit, ruffed up sounds are something that at Bunker 8 we just love, DFX Buffer Override does it in spades. It is one of the best features about working with digital technology in music, you can really do strange and wonderful things to audio with […]

Apple Ear Pods are Terrible

I have to say this, Apple Ear Pods are Terrible! I received the EarPods with my iPhone 5. I opened the package today to use them for the first time, even though I had been using other ear buds/pods for quite some time. This is what they look like when you take them out of the […]

Has Europe Become Too Expensive?

‘Has Europe Become Too Expensive?’ The question is not really a question, but more of a statement, as part of the “global community,” you would believe that you can conduct most business remotely. After all, was not the promise of all of these digital tools that we could collaborate without the need for “face to […]

South Park Rips Music Production

Stans Father on Music

If you watch nothing else today, then watching how South Park rips music prodution definitely has to be it. South Park continues to be brilliant, as always. Stan’s father explains to his son “how he comes up with his best stuff in the toilet at work…”, then proceeds to show Stan a screen which looks […]

The Skrillex Haircut: Or what you should NEVER do

It is often been the case where people will look to “celebrities” as aspirational models. Take the Skrillex haircut, or what you should NEVER do. Skrillex, bless his heart, is not a fashion icon. He is a dance music icon. What he wears, how he dresses, his overall “sense” of fashion is non-existent. Yet, in […]

Is Dubstep Really Transformers Having Sex?

Is Dubstep Really Dinosaurs with Lasers? Describing dubstep can be painful enough to an unexposed listener whom often equates dubstep to transformers having sex. So this begs the question… Is dubstep this: Or This: Or…Is it just you… It is just you–to a point. Truth is modern electronic music (generally speaking) is really tribal, nit-picky and […]

When I was your age, music was good

When I was your age, music was good The latest edition of the 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair monthly poll is about music, and the results align with widely held attitudes toward pop. It looks like, no matter how old you are, you always believe the music was better when you were growing up. Nearly half of […]

Reddit Debate: To Use Loops or Not to Use Loops

Well, the debate never ends does it? At least on the interwebs. Our friends on Reddit have a hot debate going on whether or not to use loops in music. We won’t land on any side of this debate because it would reflect a bias. So we say, let the fur fly and see which […]

Maschine 2.2 Upgrade Keyboard Integration

The machine 2.2 upgrade keyboard integration is going to be a huge add-on if you decide to add the native instruments keyboard. KEYBOARD INTEGRATION MASCHINE 2.2 gives you full keyboard functionality within the MASCHINE environment. Press browse on your KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboard and the KOMPLETE Browser pops up on your computer screen, letting you select […]